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The Plezzana sheep is a small (35 – 45 kg) sheep from northeastern Italy,Slovenia and Austria. It has a small, elongated head with small ears, and is generally free of horns (though they are occasionally present in males). The upper part of the head is covered in wool. The limbs are short and thin and free of wool, and the sheep has a medium length, fairly thin tail. Normally, the sheep are white but there are frequently (around 30%) individuals with a mantle that is brown or black. It is a dual usage breed, but it is principally used for milk production. The Plezzana breed is originally from the high valleys of Isonzo, and gets its name from the small city of Plezzo, currently in Slovenian territory (Bovški). Internationally, the breed is known as Bovec. The sheep’s origins are probably found in Alpine breeds.
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