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The Aitana Olive is native to the Tifatini Mountains chain, particularly the area of the municipality of San Prisco (Ce). It has long been considered a sort of "cousin" of the Itrana or Gaeta variety, compared to which, however, it has a higher pulp yield. The olive tree of the Aitana del Tifata variety has a medium to high vigor, assurgent bearing/reaches medium to large size, with branches that tend to develop vertically and elliptical leaves that reach a length of about 6 cm and a width of 2 cm. The drupes, oval or spherical, are about 2 cm in diameter and range in color from pink to deep purple. The ovoid stone has a poorly reticulated surface, while the pulp is soft with a clear separation from the stone. The flavor can be slightly bitter, sour or acidic.
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