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Slow Food Heroes: Choose Local
How the Slow Food Youth Network in the Netherlands supported Dutch Farmers, Food Producers and Retail in Times of Covid19
On March 15th 2020, all cafés and restaurants in the Netherlands had been ordered to close their doors except for take-out. Needless to say, this caused huge uncertainty among farmers, food producers, restaurant owners and anyone making their living in the food industry.
“We were seeing a domino effect in the ecosystem of the restaurant industry, affecting not only the restaurants, but also many of their suppliers. And that was no less visible with Slow Food minded businesses”, expressed Guus Thijssen, one of the coordinators of the Slow Food Chefs Alliance in the Netherlands. “Restaurants in the Chef’s Alliance are often very closely linked to specific small producers with rare, heritage products. With the demand from the restaurants suddenly coming to a halt, it immediately created surpluses for these producers that couldn't be easily sold elsewhere.”
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